4 Things First Time Boston Terrier Owners Need To Know

With its big, brown eyes and tuxedo coat, Boston Terrier Puppies are one of the most popular pets among dog lovers. He is friendly to the elderly and kids and is friendly with almost everyone. If you are planning to buy a Boston Terrier puppy, then here are vital things which you need to know about Boston Terrier puppies- 

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Consider the puppy’s age

Search for a Boston Terrier puppy which has a minimum age of 9 years. These puppies are weaned when they are 5-6 weeks old. Spending some extra time with litter can ensure that puppies bond well with each other and get over the stress associated with weaning. 

Find out details about his parents

Acquire details about parents of the litter. You need to ensure that you acquire a puppy produced through selective breeding of two dogs which are completely free from genetic & temperament problems, structural defects, etc. Once you choose a purebred puppy, you can be assured that you won’t face problems in the future. As he is going to stay with you for years together, you are going to invest in him emotionally and financially. Therefore, acquire details about his parentage. 

Ask the Breeder to Produce a Health Certificate

Boston Terriers have some issues which are quite common among dogs of small breeds. This condition is known as luxating patellas or kneecaps that can move out of place. Some of these cases can be mild, but surgery is necessary for severe cases. Boston Terriers are also vulnerable to skin allergies. All these conditions are not always visible in a puppy. Therefore, you cannot be assured that the puppy will be free from maladies, which is the major reason why you need a reputable breeder who can provide you a puppy which is free from such issues. The person should be able to provide you an independent certification that the parents of the puppy have been screened for the above-mentioned defects and have been deemed fit for breeding. So, health registries are something which you cannot afford to ignore. 

Opt For a Puppy Which Has a Breed-Standard Coloring

The American Kennel Club considers black and white & brindle & seal as standard colors of the Boston Terrier breed. There are some other shades such as chocolate, red and fawn which you might come across, but they are considered a different breed by the AKC. Remember that though colors which are not within the standard may disqualify some pets, they can prove to be your perfect companion. However, if you are specifically looking for a Boston Terrier, go for a puppy of the black and white shade.

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Why Boston Terrier Puppies are a Loveable Pet

/Often referred to as ‘’the American Gentleman’’, the Boston terrier is a dog which has a love for adventure. It is one of those breeds who know how to behave well in public. There are some distinctive qualities which make the Boston terrier Puppies a lovable pet. Some of the distinctive features of this breed are mentioned below-

They Are Highly Intelligent

Because of their small size, high level of empathy towards their owners and intelligence, a Boston terrier is an ideal pet which you can keep at home. Usually, they are extroverts by nature and are good tempered. Their big, lovable eyes help in creating a bond with everyone at home. They love games and consider themselves an integral part of the family.

They Can Be Easily Trained

Because of their high level of intelligence and enthusiasm, Boston Terriers are highly trainable. Since they are sensitive by nature and love their owner, positive reinforcement holds the key to successful training. Boston Terriers love the mental and physical stimulation associated with physical stimulation. These training sessions help them to strengthen their bond with their owner.

But keep one thing in mind. You need to be patient during the training process. Though this breed of dogs is trainable, there is no guarantee that they can be easily trained. One major problem with Boston Terriers is that they have a habit of digging. You can help your pet get over the problem by allotting a greater time period for physical and mental activities.

Also, take into consideration the weather when you take out your pet for walks since his facial structure and thin coat make him vulnerable to extremes of temperature. There can be occasions when his need to exercise might not match with his desire. A Boston Terrier, especially a female is likely to have the energy and enthusiasm to exercise more than usual.

They Are Great Companions for Kids

A Boston Terrier is a great companion for children. They love to spend their time playing and have a higher level of energy as compared to a home dog which matches that of kids. They are not very big and therefore less likely to harm kids in case of an accident. Because of their small size, they are not likely to suffer from injuries as well. They are therefore ideal companions for children. Socializing your pet at an early stage will make sure that it proves to be a great companion for your children.

They Can be Groomed Easily

Star Boston Terrier Puppies (Check out our Available Puppies) are one of those breeds which can be groomed with ease. Use a firm bristle brush for brushing your pet once a week. Make use of a dry, powder shampoo and a damp cloth for bathing him when you feel it is necessary. Since these dogs have large, prominent eyes, make it a point to wash your pet’s face daily and check his eyes for signs of irritation or redness.

They Are Very Faithful to Their Owners

A Boston Terrier is really sensitive to the moods of his owner. They have a special affinity to people who are old. If you are looking for a dependable pet who will let you know if there is someone at your door, then a Boston Terrier is an ideal one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale

What is the average price of a Boston terrier puppy?

On average, the price of a Boston terrier is usually between $600-$1200. Purebred puppies are always expensive. A well-bred purebred of any breed price is $1000–2000 & from a shelter or rescue may be $35–500 depending on age, region, etc.

What dictates the price of a Boston Terrier?

The following things dictate the cost of a Boston Terrier:

  • Where you live
  • Who you get the puppy from
  • Whether the puppy is pedigreed or not
  • The popularity of the breed
  • The availability of the breed.

Is a Boston terrier a good dog?

Yes, a Boston terrier is an ideal pet for those who like playful dogs. They are usually friendly to other pets also.

Is a Boston Terrier a good dog?

Yes, a Boston Terrier is an ideal pet for those who like playful dogs. They are usually friendly to other pets also.

How much do purebred Boston Terriers cost?

Purebred puppies from a reputed breeder will always cost more than what a backyard breeder may charge without any having any qualifications and paperwork. The price may be over $2,000.

Can Boston Terriers have puppies naturally?

They do require assistance for giving birth.

What's the average lifespan of a Boston Terrier?

The average lifespan of a Boston Terrier is 13-15 years.

How often should you give a Boston Terrier A Bath?

A Boston Terrier requires regular bathing.

What kind of health problems do Boston Terriers have?

A Boston Terrier is vulnerable to problems like cataract, mites and allergic dermatitis.

Do Boston Terriers get cold?

Yes, because their body cannot generate the same level of body heat like large dogs.

Are Boston Terriers affectionate?

Boston Terriers are highly affectionate to people who are a part of their family.

Can Boston Terriers stay outside?

No, Boston Terriers cannot tolerate heat very well.

How long does a Boston Terrier stay in heat?

The heat period of a Boston Terrier is 3 weeks.

How often does a Boston Terrier go into heat?

A Boston Terrier goes into heat every 6 months.

At what age do female dog stop having their period?

Unlike humans, female dogs do not undergo menopause.

How long does a female dog bleed for the first time?

The bleeding phase in female dogs lasts between 2-4 weeks.

Why Won't My Boston Terrier Listen To Me?

One common question which often comes to the mind of many Boston Terrier owners. Before I reply to the query, I want to know your views on the questions given below-

1. Do you utilize cookies, collars, and clickers to make Boston Terrier puppies listen to your instructions? 

2. Do you need to raise the pitch of your voice to ensure that your Boston Terrier listens to you always? 

3. Does your pet always come or sit based on your instruction at any place and time you want to? 

4. In case all your replies are in the negative, it’s time for you to rethink about your role as a sincere Boston Terrier trainer and pet parent. 

 Here are some of the major do’s and don’ts which you will need to become the Alpha: 

1. Always go out or come in via the door before your pet does.

2. Always eat first before giving your pet something to eat after you are done with your food.

3. Don’t move around in circles while your pet is lying on the floor.

4. Don’t allow your pet to set rules and pay importance to him whenever you deem fit. 

5. Don’t allow your Boston Terrier to share your bed. Mark his sleeping area precisely. 

Once you have selected a puppy from a breeder offering Boston Terrier puppies for sale and train him well, he will listen to you. Keep one thing in mind. If your pet doesn’t listen to you, all your efforts to train him will go down the drain.

To make sure that your bosBostonrrier recognizes his name, take a treat in your hand and hold it away from your body. Call your Boston Terrier’s name. He is most likely to look at the treat in your hand. Continue calling his name until he turns and looks at your eyes. Give him the treat immediately. Repeat this exercise by holding the treat in the other hand. Once you’re sure that your Boston Terrier has learned to recognize his name, just call his name and reward him for looking at you by petting or with a hug. 

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